Depression and anxiety are the two most
    common reasons for presentation to my office.  
    Daily stresses, family issues, marital issues,
    finances or a multitude of other reasons can
    cause significant symptoms of depression or

Even a mild level of depression or anxiety can be quite disturbing
to a person.  The lack of interest in one's activities, one's hobby, or
one's job can be early symptoms of depression.  Anger, irritability,
arguments at work or home also can signify that a person is
suffering from depression or anxiety.  When one does not want to
get out of bed in the morning, whether it is because of a lack of
energy or because of a fear of what the day will bring is a
symptom that needs treatment.  Constant or intermittent
nervousness or a feeling of not being comfortable in one's own
skin is another symptom of anxiety.

Treatment for these disorders is available.  As with many
psychiatric problems, the primary course of treatment is
psychotherapy.  Generally, my practice concentrates on insight-
oriented psychotherapy for these disorders, but other forms of
dynamically-informed treatment are necessary in certain
instances.  Some patients need reassurance that their symptoms are
normal and will go away once the stressors are removed and
when they accept this, their depression and anxiety abates.

In some cases, medication treatment is needed.  There are several
medications available for the treatment of depression and anxiety
and these can be effective when used in conjunction with
 Although the doctors do not accept patients
requiring complex or solely medication treatment
, it is important
in cases requiring adjunctive medication, that the psychiatrist
prescribing the medication be the professional providing the
therapy for the patient.  This type of treatment seems to be the
most effective in the treatment of patients and leads to the
quickest and most complete relief of symptoms.
Depression and Anxiety
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