Psychiatrist's Guide to Happiness

Psychiatrist's Guide to Happiness


The new book written by Howard R. Belkin, M.D.  
and Barbara Herzig Belkin, M.D.

You do not have to live your life in a state of unhappiness or constant
anxiety. Stresses at work, home, in relationships, and with family can
bring us to the point where we have forgotten those basic things in life
that used to make us happy.

In this wonderful  book, you can read the distillation of thousands of
psychotherapy sessions to find the morsels of advice that can help you
find the greatest level of happiness and contentment you can find in your
own life.

This is a book you will return to many times over the years. It is a book
that you will talk about, give to others, and save for your children. Take
the time to read it, think about it, and absorb its advice

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