What is psychotherapy?  There are many different
    answers to this question, depending upon whom you
    ask.  In general, psychotherapy can be defined as talk
    therapy.  It is a process by which the patient and
    therapist explore together the symptoms felt by the
    patient with the goal of relieving his or her
    discomfort.  Psychotherapy is more than talking over
    problems with your friends, it is more than finding
    answers in self-help books, or from television or
    radio psychologists.  It is a medical procedure best
    performed by physicians aimed at the treatment of
    real problems.  

There are many different types of psychotherapy practiced by many
different types of practitioners.  Training and experience can vary
widely between types of practitioners and even individual practitioners
of the same level, so it is important to have a true understanding of the
type of practitioner you are seeing (M.D. or D.O., Ph.D., M.S.W., etc.) and
the level of their experience in the treatment of your type of condition.  

Although all therapy has the same goal – the relief of symptoms,
different schools of thought have developed over the years.  Certain
types of conditions respond better to certain types of therapies.  A
patient may do better with one type of therapist than another.  A patient
with limited time, access to care, and a very mild condition may respond
better to short-term problem-oriented treatment.  Patients whose
symptoms are causing more anxiety, depression, work, marital, or
interpersonal problems may benefit from more insight-oriented therapy.  
Cognitive or behavioral therapy may also work well for some patients
who need more understanding of their behavior and techniques with
which to change it.  While most therapy done by Dr. Belkin is based in
psychoanalytic and psychodynamic treatment, he uses a combination of
therapies depending upon the specific needs of a patient, the desires of
the patient, and what he feels will help the patient most in the most
reasonable length of time.  
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