At best, relationships are difficult.  The demands of modern life,
work, finances, children, taking care of the home all add up and
create enormous stresses on a relationship.  Communication is one
of the first things that suffers in a relationship.  The closeness
felt by the partners to the relationship begins to change, and
soon husband and wife are more like roommates than spouses.  The
marriage loses it’s “spark” and becomes unhappy.  Conflict
increases, while the ability to deal with conflict decreases.  
Intimacy suffers.  Sometimes infidelity occurs.

    There are many other ways that marital
    dysfunction affects the family.  Many issues
    affect children of the marriage.  Oftentimes,
    even in marriages that are cordial, but
    dysfunctional, the children are able to read the
    distance between their parents and react to
    that distance.  Divorce, remarriage, and adult
    children returning to the home are all
    potential significant stressors in the marriage.   
    Even happy circumstances such as a marriage, the
    purchase of a home, birth of a child, or
    retirement are stimuli that bring out marital

Many relationship problems are fixable.  It requires partners who
want to repair the damaged parts of their relationship and have
the same or similar goals.  Marital therapy begins with individual
therapy of the partners.  Exploring one’s own issues is the key to
repairing the problems in the marriage.  Couples therapy with both
spouses being treated at the same session together can also be
helpful in the marriage’s repair.  
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