Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that
    involved several members of a family.  It looks at
    the family as a basic unit that can be acting in a
    functional or dysfunctional manner.  In family
    therapy, issues among all of the family members
    can be addressed.  Issues involving the parental
    relationship, the relationship of parents to
    children, and among the siblings are all
    important issues in family therapy.  In general,
    Dr. Belkin conducts family therapy in a manner
    similar to that of couples therapy.  The
    individual members of the family will be
    generally seen independently, and when
    necessary, all family members will be seen in
    one extended appointment together.  
    Dysfunctional relationships and activities are
    discussed to turn them into functional
    relationships and activities.  In the end, the goal
    is to improve communication, love, feelings, and
    relationships among the family members.
Family Therapy
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