Life, business, and executive coaching are
    practices whose end goals are to assist others
    to achieve personal goals. Life coaches use
    multiple methods to help people this process.
    Dr. Belkin does not practice life, business, or
    executive coaching per se.  Life, business, and
    executive coaching are generally defined as
    helping one achieve one’s personal goals by
    focusing on the future rather than the past and
    specifically exclude psychotherapy.  There are
    people for whom this is appropriate.  

When done by a psychiatrist, life coaching can be a true part of
psychotherapy.  Goal setting, goal achievement, and understanding
are all part of any type of psychotherapy, but understanding the
past and dealing with one’s underlying issues is the best way to
achieve one’s future goals.  If one is experiencing psychic
discomfort, depression, anxiety, or other symptoms because of
their perceived work, home, or personal achievements,
psychotherapy can be the best way to reach one’s future goals
and eliminate dysfunctional moods and feelings.  More than
offering positive feedback or mentoring suggestions for one’s life
or business, psychotherapy offers the patient the ability to
understand the cause of one’s emotional discomfort, resolve it,
and then make better decisions about one’s life.  
Whether  one is a
newly-hired intern or the CEO of a major corporation, life and
work issues occur and interfere with the happiness everyone
seeks.  Patients with these issues can be helped.   
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